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      2. Windshield Repair vs. Windshield Replacement?

        Does your windshield have a chip that is starting to look like a crack? Is it hard to tell if the chip is minor or serious? Did that tiny, inconsequential chip turn into a crack recently? OR, do you just have several small chips and no cracks on your windshield? The thing is, it might be difficult to determine if Continue Reading Continue Reading »

        Fall Road Trips with Glass America

        After many months of quarantine and prioritizing your health, you may feel the need to stretch your legs and get out of the house. Although our country is still dealing with the pandemic, there are safe, family-friendly trips you can plan. For instance, a family road trip! The best part of a road trip is the flexibility to take the Continue Reading Continue Reading »

        Family Night: Drive-In Movies

        For months, we’ve held our breath to see when the pandemic would end and our daily activities could return to normal. Sadly, that has not quite happened yet, and our nation is still in the process of reopening. That being said, our favorite daily activities are getting a facelift. That’s right – things like going to the movies are no Continue Reading Continue Reading »

        The Risks of Driving with a Broken Windshield

          ?You may often hear how dangerous it is to drive with a cracked or chipped windshield. However, has anyone actually explained why? Not knowing why something is dangerous is often enough for someone to not take it so seriously. Understanding the consequences of driving with a broken windshield can save your life and those of your passengers. Risk #1 Continue Reading Continue Reading »

        Side by Side Windshield Replacement

        We often speak about window replacements and repairs within generalized confine of vehicles. However, Glass America can work with most, if not all, the vehicle makes and models – no matter the original manufacturer. Yes, even your Tesla or other luxury vehicles will feel like new. Technology & Other Updates As vehicles have become more and more advanced, windshields have Continue Reading Continue Reading »