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      2. Side by Side Windshield Replacement

        We often speak about window replacements and repairs within generalized confine of vehicles. However, Glass America can work with most, if not all, the vehicle makes and models – no matter the original manufacturer. Yes, even your Tesla or other luxury vehicles will feel like new.

        Technology & Other Updates

        As vehicles have become more and more advanced, windshields have become more than just sheets of glass protecting drivers from the elements and rollovers. From temperature controls, embedded camera displays, and smart glass to limit the amount of sun exposure to wiper-free windshields, there is little these windows cannot do.

        Driving has become safer as smart glass allows a driver to take advantage of natural light, while tinting areas that could obstruct visibility. Not only does this make driving more comfortable, but it also allows for a reduction in energy use for air conditioning within the vehicle. McLaren, the British luxury sports car manufacturer has been implementing this update on many of its vehicles – the McLaren Speedtail Hyper-GT, for instance.

        Similarly, some smart glass installed in Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar, and Land Rover models have “heated front windshields.” In essence, this means the windshield can defog and defrost much more quickly than standard models. While McLaren, has even developed the concept of wiper-free windshields. These windshields have an ultrasonic force that allows moisture (i.e., rain and snow) to slide immediately off the glass.

        For years, experts have been studying what will make driving safer and more comfortable. It comes to no surprise that windshield technology advancements have proven time and time again to do just that.

        Glass America Guarantee

        No matter the vehicle – be it a Honda Civic or a Tesla Model S, Glass America has the tools and skills to replace any windshield. Staying on top of the latest advancements, and working with suppliers providing every new update, we can ensure your vehicle never has to wait for a repair. Need a windshield replacement? Contact us for a safe, socially distanced mobile service consultation.